We genuinely appreciate your interest in partnering with Bereans Aflame and our vision to reach the next generation with pragmatic, relevant, and true answers to their legitimate questions. “If we don’t reach our young; if we don’t teach them to think; if we don’t train them how to think… we are flirting with the extinction of the church in the next generation” (R. Zacharias). According to some studies, 59% of churchgoers aged 18-29 leave the church and never return (Barna Group). There are many reasons for that, but the main reason they’ve been talked out of Christianity is because they were never talked into it. Spirituality is replaced with Spiritism, truth replaced for experiences, and the gospel prostituted in order to maintain lofty lifestyles in the name of faith. Is it any wonder the statistic is so high?

Bereans Aflame is a non-profit, but not a 501(c)3 organization. This means that your donation is not tax deductible. And so your donation is that much more appreciated. We have chosen thus far to not pursue 501(c)3 status because we do not see the need as of yet with our ministry still in its infancy. And you can help mature us by giving! You can also help us by using our material, sharing it with others if you like it, and most importantly, pray. You can also improve upon our research and objectives by sending us suggestions and ideas from our contact page.