Charter Statement


Our Mission

“If we don’t reach our young… if we don’t encourage our students to thinkif we don’t train them how to think, we are flirting with the extinction of the church in the next generation.”
– Ravi Zacharias

The Problem

Numerous studies performed by multiple institutions in the last 20 years, report that the church is splitting at an exponential rate, pastors continue to retire early from the pulpit, and church attendance is in sharp decline. As those who identify as Christian drop from generation to generation, Generation Z (born 1999 to 2015) is yet the most atheistic and unchurched generation. Many believe that truth is relative at best and, at worst, altogether unknowable, yet (on par with Millennials) want factual evidence to support their beliefs. 

We believe that Christianity and the person of Christ provides the best answers for mankind’s perennial questions and doubts. But today, beginning there, we think, is at the wrong place without first discussing the existence of truth. In our culture today, without the historical tools of critical thinking and inference, uncertainty has become enshrined and thought has eroded into a dangerous emotional cognitive dissonance.

Our Solution

Bereans Aflame Research & Apologetics will be a web-based resource and learning center poised to enhance understanding and promote reverence for truth and humility toward one another. Bereans Aflame will seek to ennoble minds to reason through classical education of philosophy. We will advance the Kingdom of God by the gospel of Jesus Christ equipping hearts to be His subjects following the example of the great men and women in Christian history. Our efforts and successes will be in our students’ growth and engagement in open dialogue to confess Christ and live in sincerity and generosity towards one another (2 Cor. 9:13).

Our Seal

Bereans Aflame Logo

Bereans Aflame’s Shield of Faith is donned with three specific elements taken from 1 John 5:5, 6, 7, and 8: the Helmet of Salvation, which is the testimony of His blood; the dove representing the Holy Spirit, the second testimony; and the Holy Scriptures, the testimony of the water which purifies and is the founding constitution of our faith. In the chevron wrapping the shield reads, “Fides et Veritas“, meaning faith and truth. Ever stretching toward the heavens is the spire of the church, the “pillar of truth” (1 Tim. 3:15), capped with the cross of Christ. Enthroned above it all is the Lion of Judah, Jesus the Christ, always on the move advancing His kingdom through His church and in His church.

Laurel leaves embrace the shield representing aspired excellence and mastery in all that we do (Phil. 4:8; Titus 3:8), with the name of our ministry adorned with the three-stranded cord not easily broken encircling it all.