Navigate through the following links for defenses and resources for the defense of the Christian Faith.

Introduction | What is apologetics and why does it matter?

Critical Thinking | Resources and lessons in the objective school of logic and reasonable thinking. Learn how to properly evaluate and form decisions confidently.

Topical Arguments | Analyze and respond to arguments carefully constructed collectively by members and staff of Bereans Aflame.

ANGELOLOGY | Arguments regarding angels – nature, classifications, duties, etc.

BIBLIOLOGY | Arguments regarding the Christian Scriptures – truthfulness, inspiration, canonicity, interpretation, etc.

ECCLESIOLOGY | Arguments regarding the Church – the charge of the church, church discipline, the Church and Israel, etc.

ESCHATOLOGY | Arguments regarding the End Times – Interpretations of Revelation, Hell and Unbelievers, Heaven and the New Earth, etc.

HARMARTIOLOGY | Arguments regarding sin – origins, nature, transmission, effects and judgement, etc.

SOTERIOLOGY | Arguments regarding Salvation – the nature of atonement, the process of salvation,

THEOLOGY | Arguments regarding the existence and nature of Deity, especially the Judeo-Christian Godhead.

CHRISTOLOGY | Specific arguments regarding Christ – the personhood Jesus (Yeshua), Messiah’s role, purpose, fulfilled prophecies, etc.

PNEUMATOLOGY | Specific arguments regarding the Holy Spirit – personality, deity, fruit and gifts, etc.

Answering Challenges | Challenges to the Christian faith and other questions from the bible.