The Attack on Marriage from Within

First, marriage is the God-ordained, lifelong, covenantal union between a man and his wife. Most in the church are already aware of the silent attack on traditional marriage coming from political conversations and specific anti-religious groups. From the U.S. Supreme Court redefining marriage (defined in the Defense of Marriage Act as between “one man and one woman as husband and wife”), to Hollywood’s vexing normalization of divorcees and gay couples within the “modern family”, to the proliferation of pornography, and the educational argument to undermine the parents rights to raise and educate their children apart from the village – the sanctity of marriage is constantly criticized. And now, with transgenderism blurring the lines of masculinity and femininity (an outrage to feminists and homosexuals alike), even these God-designed identities are taking heat.

But an even greater enemy of marriage prowls for ways to exploit the relationship from within.

Stephanie and I have witnessed to many couples in the years we’ve been married – all self-proclaimed Christians – who have fought for their marriages in some way. Some have ended in divorce, others in remaining in their unhappy contractual obligation, and only a select few we’ve seen willing to put themselves down for their spouse and obtain true joy with one another. Currently, we have three couples who have confided in us their own current struggles to remain faithful and together, and they span the entire nation from Alaska to New England to Texas!

Myths vs Fact

Mainstream media will often report that 50% of American marriages end in divorce, but this is vastly inaccurate. In her book, “The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths about Marriage and Divorce,” Harvard-trained researcher, Shaunti Feldhahn, detailed the conclusions from an eight-year study which revealed that the the divorce rate has never even come close to 50%. She estimated that it is closer to 31%. This is comparable to the divorce rate in America which, according to the CDC, was at 36.84% in 2016.[1] This is down from the estimated 40% in 2000.

There’s a little math involved here, so bare with me:

According to the Wedding Report, 2.21 million weddings were officiated in 2015 and 2016.[2] It’s hard to nail down just how many weddings officiated are for first-time marriages (as opposed to remarriages). But if Pew Research is correct, then 68.6-80% are first marriages and widows (154-179.6 million).[4]


Anything destined to fade which is created by God is a shadow of greater things to come. Marriage is temporal – destined to fade. It has a beginning (Genesis 2:24), and it has an end (Matthew 22:30; Mark 12:25). Thus, the marriage is a shadow of something greater – the marriage of Christ and His bride. Unable to thwart the Marriage of the Ages, Satan sets his sights on those who are being conformed into the image of the Son. Marriage is a threat to the enemy because it is one of the single greatest weapons God gave us against the enemy.
He gives us a couple to carry one another’s burdens and build an intimate relationship around trust, faith, hope, and love which are unbreakable bonds when they are built properly. And He gives us arrows in our quiver; children to raise up in the Lord and the Faith with reason to believe and hope so that one day, they will be hurled at the enemy as they enter their own and advance the Kingdom and living His truth.
This is a threat, and so the marriage, more than any other relationship, comes under attack. Remember, to separate a husband and wife is liken to separating the church from her Husband. Don’t let it be so easy. Fight against your flesh and remain faithful, remain submissive and humble. Love is contentious. Let your vertical relationship with God feed your horizontal relationship with your spouse.





[4] We are not including remarriages that resulted in divorce, even if it had to do with unfaithfulness from one or both spouses because it still ended in divorce and still supports the premise that marriages are under attack from within.

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About the Author:

Aaron Gilmore is a Christian Apologist and is the founder and president of Bereans Aflame founded in 2014. He is husband and father to four children and serves diversely in his local church. Currently, he heads the IT Department at a Dallas-Fort Worth vocation center instructing students in IT certifications. He is a student at Lamar University in Texas studying for his B.S. in Communications. He plans to continue his education and attend Southern Evangelical Seminary for his Masters of Divinity in Apologetics, and ultimately his Doctorates in Philosophy.