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Husband, father, and contributing author to Bereans Aflame (among other blogs), Terence is an astute student of theology. He received his B.S. in Psychology and Bible from Dallas Christian College in 2015. He is interested in philosophy, world religions, and Ancient Christianity; considers himself nondenominational, and is ardent for apologetics and evangelism.

Have You Made God’s Word Your Absolute Authority?

Have You Made God's Word Your Absolute Authority? Do we give Scripture a place of absolute authority over our lives? Do we truly believe in Sola Scriptura? These questions are what drove my infatuation with Scripture recently after my conversion. It didn't take my brother or I very long to see that accepting Biblical truth expressed straightforwardly and objectively didn't come without costs. On the outset most churches, pastors and Biblical scholars openly affirm Sola Scriptura. They claim

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The Potter and the Clay: God’s Relationship to Man Through His Justice

The Potter and the Clay: God’s Relationship with Man Through His Justice The Justice of God The justice of God through His shaping, forming and molding of us can best be explained in the analogy of a father and his child. A father tells his child, "I expect you to have cleaned your room by the time I come back. I understand that this is difficult for you and so I have provided you a list of instructions. I

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Why Can’t God Just Forgive Everyone? Why Sacrifice Your Son?

Why Can't God Just Forgive Everyone? Why Sacrifice Your Son? If you had bought a brand new car and I accidentally drove into it when it was parked in your driveway. You could forgive me. However, no matter how much you forgive me, it doesn't fix the fact that I destroyed your car. So forgiveness is good but appeasement solidifies that forgiveness with a solution. Forgiveness doesn't magically rectify the fact that your car is destroyed, however, the appeasement

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A.D.D., Codependency, and a Parent’s Responsibility

A.D.D., Codependency, and a Parent's Responsibility I have noticed a trend lately, more so a trend than the growing epidemic it is painted to be. This trend I'm referring to is the ever-growing A.D.D. hysteria. I don't say this lightly either as I've obtained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Nor am I suggesting that it is not a true disorder, it most certainly is. And as with all disorders, there is certainly no doubt in my mind that

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Was My Life Even Worth Taking?

Was My Life Even Worth Taking? Roughly 9 years ago, I was struggling with severe depression. Like a dark cloud hovering over me and no means of escape, so dark that suicide seemed like the only solution. I hated myself more than I hated living and couldn’t care less about how my depression was affecting others. In a very superficial manner, I claimed Christianity. I was raised in a “Christian” atmosphere, brought up attending church service on Sundays

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4 Important Reasons Why Compassion is Essential to Christianity

4 Important Reasons Why Compassion is Essential to Christianity Recently I have experienced more and more a departure in modern Christianity from the founding principles that Christ taught and that the early Christian church was familiar with. This hypocrisy within the church today is doing more to repel people from Christ, than to draw and persuade them into a genuine relationship with Him. Unfortunately, the attitude of most Christians today is to justify this lack of empathy and

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