Why Can’t God Just Forgive Everyone? Why Sacrifice Your Son?

If you had bought a brand new car and I accidentally drove into it when it was parked in your driveway. You could forgive me. However, no matter how much you forgive me, it doesn’t fix the fact that I destroyed your car. So forgiveness is good but appeasement solidifies that forgiveness with a solution. Forgiveness doesn’t magically rectify the fact that your car is destroyed, however, the appeasement for me to replace your car does rectify that fact.

The same is true in relation to God’s forgiveness. God could forgive man over and over but it doesn’t rectify what was broken. God simply forgiving us doesn’t fix what’s broken or provide a solution to the problem at hand. However, God knew that man could never fix the problem, man could never provide appeasement for what had occurred. Knowing this, God in His abounding love and grace not only forgave man but provided the solution which would bring that appeasement needed to rectify the problem and solidify the forgiveness.

Since sin is an act of man in time and therefore becomes an unchangeable fact that would forever exist in truth and in eternity. And since man could never go back in time to change that fact, the solution needed to be an eternal one. This not only explains why Hell is eternal punishment, it also explains why God sent His only begotten Son. Christ was sent by God to live the perfect life in a fallen world to appease the truth of man’s sin and also rectify the relationship between imperfect man and perfect God. God the Son selflessly took on the reality of man’s sin, without ever sinning Himself and dying as if He had committed every sin. Christ, God clothed in flesh (the Eternal One clothed in time) selflessly sacrificed Himself so that the magnitude of what was broken by man could be perfectly mended by the God-man. So we see that God’s forgiveness could only be experienced fully by man if man could become perfect once again in His Son. God’s love didn’t hesitate. His grace abounded all the more. He provided both forgiveness and appeasement for free with one condition: that each man repent in recognition of his own sin and ask for the only true forgiveness which comes by believing in the Son.

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