The Walk that Changed my Life

The Walk that Changed my Life In 1987, as a 12-year-old boy, I took a walk that would change my life forever.  Down the street from my house was the community golf course, and across the street from the golf course was an old dirt path that was quickly becoming a dumping ground for anything.  I started walking down this path one day to find some more ‘treasures’, like the baseball or beat up Tonka truck I had

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4 Arguments against Easter Rebutted

4 Arguments against Easter Rebutted "Easter is a pagan holiday." "You should be celebrating the Savior's resurrection on Passover/First Fruits, not Easter." "Easter is a perverted ceremony of fertility and orgies." "Happy Easter? You mean, 'Happy Incest Day'!" I'm not even kidding here. I watched the last quote across my computer screen during a banter with someone who had it out for those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. Of course, these are usually from

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Abortion Argument: When Does Life Begin?

(EDITED) When does life begin according to the bible? Emotional arguments are irregularly used as projectiles fired at range from the left and right side of the political isle regarding abortion and the right to life. But each argument hangs on the position about when life begins. Some say that life begins at conception, while other say that it begins the moment the head of the child breaches the vaginal canal, and there are a slew of definitions

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What is meant by the “Pentecostal Experience”? Is it Biblical?

What is meant by the "Pentecostal Experience"? Is it Biblical? I once sat with a Pentecostal evangelist discussing what he preached and considered to be the Pentecostal experience, and I was surprised to hear a different explanation than what I previously learned from my experience in New England. I realized that not all Pentecostals believe the same thing about the so-called “Pentecostal experience”. His answer wasn’t nearly as ambiguous as you would expect most churches in New England.

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To Fathers – Here are 5 Pieces of Advice for You

To Fathers - Here are 5 Pieces of Advice for You Understand that this is advice is not expressively Scriptural. This comes from advice passed down, reasoning, and experience as both a father and a child. 1.      Who you are to your children is as God is to you. Everything that God has given to us in this world which is destined to one day fade away has been given to be the earthly representation of a heavenly

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A Majority of Christians are Influenced by New Age Teachings?!

A Majority of Christians are Influenced by New Age Teachings?! Disclaimer: Links within this article will take you away from Bereans Aflame Site. We are not responsible or accountable for the content of these sites, and is only linked only to provide support and credibility for the claims made in this article. 61% of Christians are Influenced by New Age Spirituality! A majority of Christians are influenced by new age? A study came out in May of 2017

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Have You Made God’s Word Your Absolute Authority?

Have You Made God's Word Your Absolute Authority? Do we give Scripture a place of absolute authority over our lives? Do we truly believe in Sola Scriptura? These questions are what drove my infatuation with Scripture recently after my conversion. It didn't take my brother or I very long to see that accepting Biblical truth expressed straightforwardly and objectively didn't come without costs. On the outset most churches, pastors and Biblical scholars openly affirm Sola Scriptura. They claim

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The Attack on Marriage… from Within

The Attack on Marriage from Within First, marriage is the God-ordained, lifelong, covenantal union between a man and his wife. Most in the church are already aware of the silent attack on traditional marriage coming from political conversations and specific anti-religious groups. From the U.S. Supreme Court redefining marriage (defined in the Defense of Marriage Act as between "one man and one woman as husband and wife"), to Hollywood's vexing normalization of divorcees and gay couples within the "modern

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Is There a New England New Age Movement?

Is There a New England New Age Movement? I was speaking with friend of mine from New England who attends an Assemblies of God church. Their pastor has begun the process of retiring and a committee has been established and charged with ushering in a new pastor. This friend discussed with me at length the prospects who they are considering and even consulted me on a few questions he wanted to know I thought would be appropriate for

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American Christianity is in Sharp Decline

American Christianity is in Sharp Decline Many atheists, such as Sam Harris and Bill Maher, question religion and ask why it is the only area in society that still seems to hold immense prestige. Harris once reasoned that anything else believed strongly and without evidence would be considered a mark of madness or stupidity.[1] Many spiritualists, especially those attending charismatic institutions, defend their beliefs with expressions appealing to experience, esoteric or divine interpretations, emotional biases, or some other

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