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A Staggering Reality

Today, the church is splitting and declining. Latest studies show that only 17% of American Christianity hold to a biblically-based worldview. Other studies show that Christian denominations are dispersing into new denominations exponentially around the world. On top of that, approximately 59% of millennials raised in a church drop out and never return, and over one-third are taking an anti-church stance.

Bereans Aflame exists in direct opposition to combat this reality.

Join Christian Apologist, Aaron Gilmore on Tuesdays and Thursdays as he systematically searches through the mysteries of God through the bible. Then join him and special guests Saturday nights as they explore some of the most complex questions about our existence, current events, and religion.

Premiering September 4th, 2018
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Reasonably tackling the questions of our existence.


Discipline Your Mind


What is the Gospel?

The word gospel is used indiscriminately these days and can mean a number of things to a number of people. We all have heard that the gospel is the "good news", but what exactly is the "good news"?

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The Gospel is


Who Jesus Is . . .

What He did !!

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4 Arguments against Easter Rebutted

4 Arguments against Easter Rebutted "Easter is a pagan holiday." "You should be celebrating the Savior's resurrection on Passover/First Fruits, not Easter." "Easter is a perverted ceremony of fertility and orgies." "Happy Easter? You mean, 'Happy Incest Day'!" I'm not even kidding here. I watched the last quote across my computer screen during a banter with someone who had it out for those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. Of course, these are usually from

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