INTRODUCTION | Introduction into the research that 

HERMENEUTICS | How to study the bible (and other literary texts) – methods, exegetical fallacies, systematic studies.

TEXTUAL CRITICISM | Research into the historicity and canonicity of the Christian Scriptures, and a look at various translation theories.

EARLY CHURCH HISTORY | Research in the church beginning with Christ’s ascension; the ante-Nicene vs. the post-Nicene church, etc.

WORLDVIEW SURVEYS | Analyses of various worldviews broken down by Christian Denominations, World Religions, and Secular Worldviews

CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS | Analyses of sects within Christianity. These sects agree with the essentials of salvation.

WORLD RELIGIONS | Analyses of various world religions (i.e. Islam, Mormonism, Buddaism, Shintoism, etc.)

SECULAR WORLDVIEWS | Analyses of secular worldview irrelevant to religions.