Worldview Surveys

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Disclaimer: The following worldview survey is represented exclusively from source texts provided by the official institution and/or accepted representing authorities. By “worldview”, we mean a particular philosophy of life and the world as it relates to the category of truth and the Christian Faith. The following survey is intended to compare the tenants of the above worldview with the essential doctrines of salvation. This is not an attempt to judge or criticize any specific individual, group, or place of worship who/which identifies with the worldview. This survey is only meant to be an educational resource. While a worldview may be classified as anti-biblical, pastors, teachers, parishioners, and/or any other advocate for the worldview may not adhere strictly to the tenants listed. If you find a misrepresentation in any of the worldviews we have stressed to represent accurately, please prepare evidence for correction and email us.


  1. What is a worldview?
  2. Why do you survey Christian denominations if you already agree that they “soteriologically sound”?

Christian Denominations

By Christian Denominations, we mean those whose soteriology (doctrine of salvation) is in agreement with Scripture. The non-soteriological doctrines are subject to sound and reasonable judgment, which may result in liberty – without an objective moral leaning.

World Religions

By World Religions, we mean those whose soteriology is not in agreement with Scripture. These may include Christian-labeled doctrines which claim that salvation is through another deity/ies, or by other means that what is stated in Scripture.

Secular Worldviews

By Secular Worldviews, we mean worldviews which are unrelated to soteriology. These worldviews may attempt to explain the physical or metaphysical nature of reality and existence through means outside of Scripture. Some worldviews may coexist or be open with Scripture.

Scripture is not open to interpretation, but we do make mistakes. Please email us if you see such a mistake and we will consider a correction prayfully and objectively.